Our Services

Insight, data and knowledge

We help you take a stand on global issues by building strong, impactful narratives and supporting you with rigorous insight and data-driven analysis, as well as media outreach, events, presentations, etc.

We specialize in rigorous benchmarking and data-driven insight: we help you understand your data, develop data-driven tools that will help your decision making, monitoring progress or driving change. We can help you use your unique, in house data for impactful thought leadership, supported by our experience in story telling, data visualization and media messaging.

Our thought leadership work draws on our experience in leading some of the most respected thought leadership efforts globally.

Research methods:

  • Advisory groups: we assemble the best experts in a given field to cover different aspects of a specific topic.
  • Interviews: we interview experts, business executives and influencers on the research topic at hand to get latest, first hand insight
  • Surveys: we design and carry out rigorous and representative surveys of businesses, experts and individuals in collaboration with world class survey outlets
  • Data-driven tools, indices, dashboards: we compile different types of data driven tools for decision making, monitoring progress or shedding light on an issue that is otherwise not measured.
  • Practices: we compile good practices from other sectors, companies or countries to facilitate learning and support the process of strategy-building and we facilitate the exchange with practitioners in these institutions

Solutions and investment opportunities

We support you in developing and executing economic development strategies, identifying investment opportunities, promoting policy innovation,  identifying solutions and practices (learning from the best).

ESG impact and financial returns

We help you achieve greater, measured ESG impact by building partnerships with civil society, businesses or government, engaging communities and stakeholders and devising top notch solutions.

We build these projects so that impact can be proved through robust metrics.