Our Expertise

Our in-house thematic expertise includes: innovation, social impact, future of work, competitiveness, global risks and trends, international trade and business development.

In addition to our in-house capacities, we tap into an extensive network of world class experts and providers, including researchers, writers, data visualizers, designers, (social) media experts, survey specialists and data scientists. 




We have a network of subject-matter experts in diverse fields from different disciplines of economics, sustainability, industries, future of work, foresight/scenario building, diverse emerging technologies, risk management, and so on.

Our approach

We are collaborative. We work with you and want to leave capacity behind. We help you navigate trends, audiences and existing content and debates. We want you to gain confidence to step outside your comfort zone to achieve true impact that helps you communicate your values, drives new initiatives, sparks new client conversations, and attracts talent.